Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Avast! Internet Security v 7.0.1461 Beta (Activation upto 2010)

Avast: Using Avast Internet Security can protect PC from threats. Download thisantivirus here free. Avast Internet Security designed to protect your system from viruses, spyware, spam and provides effective firewall and new technology, avast supplement offers! SafeZone. The technology potential attackers a differentvirtual desktop, where it is safe to make online purchases and banking transactions makes it invisible.

The main components of avast! Internet Security
• Real-time screen
Screen in real time - program, which consistently protects your computer from viruses is the most important element. They track all of your computer in real time, check all the programs and files - to open or close the program and file on time.
• Virus scanning
It, Avast antivirus! Scans, which are installed by default include a number of standard types.
• Anti-spam filter, stop!
Package Stop! Internet Security is a fully integrated anti-spam filters unwanted email (spam) are designed to detect.
In addition, the spam load on the mail server, Internet connection, local area 

• Firewall
Package Stop! Internet Security includes a fully integrated firewall, which can work to stop the user interface.
Firewall and block unauthorized activities on your computer and the outside world, guided by the rules "Allow" and "forbidden" all communication between the monitors. Thus, a firewall to prevent sensitive data from your computer, and blocks hackers may try to compromise your system.
• Command-line scanner
This feature is only available in antivirus avast! Pro and stop a package! Internet Security.

Available Features in  Avast! Internet Security (ru):
Core antivirus and antispyware
The innovative main scanning viruses, spyware and other harmful agents that protect against.
In real-time protection against Rootkits
Hidden (rootkits) malware scanner that computer during the boot process is invisible to other loading stops.
Automatic firewall
Heuristic and behavioral analysis, as well as secure applications "white" list, blocks hackers from using.

Comprehensive spam and phishing filters, which act as a plug-in for MS Outlook and other general proxy for POP3/IMAP4 email clients.
Stop! WebRep
Reliability evaluation and feedback of websites based on the reputation of the community provides.
Stop! CommunityIQ
Our technique uses a global network of sensors (anonymous) We charge Internet users to transmit data on the actual experiences, wished to leave comments. These are used to protect all users of avast is! Viruses and infected web sites by providing the latest information.
High-tech features
Scanner operating system initialization
Scan your computer for infection before any virus contained in the OS (no longer supported in Windows 7 and Windows Vista) will be able to activate.
Stop! SafeZone ™
After the closing "does not leave footprints.
It offers users a virtual environment to run applications in a suspected "sandbox.
Stop! Sandbox
Your PC and do not go unnoticed attacks (rather than a real PC) for its application in a virtual environment provides an additional level of security.
Intelligent Scanner
Secure applications "white" list of files required by using 80% reduces the number of inspections. Identified as not scan protected files again until they are changed.
Mode Sports / without notification "
Selective Avast automatically detects and disables full-screen applications without compromising security, "pop - up windows, and other information.
Computer "Green"
Effective and efficient technology through the computer resources at least consumes.
Displays real-time protection stop!
Display a file system
Real-time open / scan executable files.
Screen - Mail
All incoming and outgoing mail for malicious software (for MS Outlook uses a special plug-in) checks.
Web Screen
All visited Web pages, downloaded files and java script scan. Web screen with intelligent stream scanning will not slow down your online experience.
Screen Screen / IM, P2P
Avast checks files, P2P programs, use instant messaging or chat rooms using the phones.
URL address block malicious URL blocking and intrusion detection system for the generous resources: two components of the network provides protection against the virus.
Script to Screen
Malicious Web page, hide them and take control of your computer detects the script without causing potential damage.
Shows the behavior
Block and unknown malware, even before virus definitions "zero" day threat


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